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Nancy Pelosi Challenger Reveals new Homeless Actualization Plan for SF!

Leading Republican Challenger to Nancy Pelosi, DeAnna Lorraine, reveals her new Homeless Plan, which she calls her “Homeless Actualization Plan” to navigate homeless individuals from the streets to a healthy and self-sufficient life. “The Homeless crisis is indeed an American crisis, and never is it more prevalent than in San Francisco. Yet what’s shocking is […]

Nancy Pelosi Challenger Republican flies Pelosi For Prison Banner in San Francisco!

nancy pelosi challenger deanna lorraine

“Pelosi for Prison” Banner Flies Over San Francisco for Hours Thursday, February 6, 2020 — The morning after President Trump’s acquittal, and in the wake of massive protests from Americans outraged by Nancy Pelosi’s antics at the State of the Union this week, residents of San Francisco awakened this morning to find something shocking in the sky: […]