Ms. DeAnna Lorraine is a popular YouTube Host, Conservative Political commentator, Author of ‘Making Love Great Again!’ and Host of her show Winning The Culture War with DeAnna Lorraine – and recent Congressional Candidate running against Nancy Pelosi. As a former Relationship Counselor turned outspoken political & culture warrior, she talks at length about the destructive impacts of Liberalism and how it’s destroying our relationships, the family – and our country on the whole. She’s grown so frustrated with the country and current establishment leaders in fact that she recently decided to run for Congress against none other than Nancy Pelosi of California’s 12th District. She invites everyone to join her in the fight of the millennium to take our country back. DeAnna makes frequent media appearances (CNN, FOX, Newsmax, The Blaze, The Daily Caller, etc), and gave riveting speeches at the Walkaway March, the American Priority Conference, the Eagle’s Council, the #DemandFreeSpeech Rallies, and every other major Conservative event this past year. She believes the pathway to Make America Great Again is by making American culture great again – restoring American values, patriotism, relationships between men and women, and the family.

Deanna lorraine
"One of my favorite quotes is, “THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING,” by Edmond Burke. I believe God is calling myself and all of you to stand up and fight. This is the battle of our lifetime. And I need your help so we can win!"

I’m DeAnna Lorraine, and I’m running for Congress. 

This was never my goal in life to become a “Politician.” But I AM a passionate and concerned American. And I care so damn much about this country that I will not sit idly by and watch my beloved country go down in flames. I believe God is calling myself and all of you to stand up and fight, and I commend you for taking that call in your unique bold way and be a part of His Army. Because we truly are at War, and we are going to need as many of you as possible in this fight. 

I’m not going to BS you and act like I’m perfect or I’ve got it all figured out. I’m not a “seasoned politician” who’s been sitting in a gate-guarded mansion the last 30 years out of touch, I have been right here in the trenches with you. We’re going to do this together and build something incredible together. And, we’re going to have fun along the way! This is more than just a campaign, this is a movement. A movement of ordinary Americans doing bold, extraordinary things to save the America we know and love. 

But we’re going to have to get past all the “trigger words” and “safe spaces.” My generation doesn’t have time to worry about trigger words, because we have some really important business to do together. And some really important public, honest conversations to have that are going to require us breaking the shackles of political correctness to get to the truth and the bottom of this. Our kids wont even have any safe spaces if we don’t fix these problems now.

Our deepest challenges are not left or right, they are not red or blue; they are good versus evil, they are bi-partisan issues that ALL Americans are concerned with and dealing with.  It’s irrelevant what party you affiliate with when you’re homeless on the street, or dying from drug addiction, suffering from a broken family, or snatched into the arms of human traffickers. Abraham Lincoln wisely forewarned in 1838 that if America were to ever collapse, it wouldn’t be from outside forces. We would die by suicide from within. I believe this is what he and our Founding Fathers meant by that. If we keep going on this trajectory with no changes, we are actively enslaving ourselves into a socialist, poverty-stricken, joyless, genderless future.

We have been left with a mess, and we have two choices – keep leaving it up to the government to try to fix this, which would of course require greater government power and less personal liberty, or step up to the task, take the power back into our hands and We the People start fixing this. This old, tired government on all sides, from Nancy Pelosi to Mitch McConnell, has proven that they are not doing the job and are failing us. They don’t care about us –  they care about staying comfortable, cozy and wealthy. And soon, they’ll be gone. If Nancy spent half as much time fixing these real problems that all of us Americans are facing as she does focused on identity politics, giving free health care to illegal immigrants, or which gender pronouns we should use, we might actually make real progress.

We are capable of preserving this next generation and saving this crumbling empire. The question is, will you be bold and take on this task? Will you join me in this fight? And if you don’t normally vote for someone like me, can you put our differences aside and work together to fix these problems that our predecessors left us with for the greater good of the country so we can leave our next generation, our children and grandchildren with a nation that’s safe, prosperous, and free?

It’s time. It’s up to US. This is the battle of our lifetime. And together, we WILL win this fight!