Nancy Pelosi Challenger Reveals new Homeless Actualization Plan for SF!

Leading Republican Challenger to Nancy Pelosi, DeAnna Lorraine, reveals her new Homeless Plan, which she calls her “Homeless Actualization Plan” to navigate homeless individuals from the streets to a healthy and self-sufficient life.

“The Homeless crisis is indeed an American crisis, and never is it more prevalent than in San Francisco. Yet what’s shocking is that Nancy Pelosi’s campaign have released over 381 press releases since January 2019, and not one of them – not one of them addressed the homeless crises. They were focused mainly on impeaching the President and plans to help illegal immigrants,” DeAnna says.

“I was appalled when I discovered this and it should tell you everything you need to know about Pelosi’s backwards priorities. She has no concerned for the well-being of the poor or those sleeping on the cold streets every night.”

1. Review sentencing guidelines for crimes to focus on rehabilitation rather than imprisonment. Build upon the First Step Act to help criminals restart their lives when they get out of jail. Expand these First Step Act programs to include homeless Americans.

2. Incentivize businesses to hire homeless people who have gone through some job training via tax credits.

3. Incentivize banks to introduce low-cost banking options for those without a stable address to be able to put money away and begin saving. This could also be done by looking at the possibility of post-office banking.

4. Create certain housing developments that would take rent direct from salaries at a proportional rate (i.e 40% of salary direct to housing unit). These could be temporary dwellings for those transitioning from homeless to a stable life.

5. Expand federal grants to churches/charities/private organizations that are able to provide stable shelter and re-training programs to the homeless so that this does not become more massive government programs being introduced.

“I’m tired of “politicians” either talking about the Homeless and not taking any action on it, or just ignoring it completely. How can we stand to see our American brothers and sisters sleeping on the streets, strung out and dying in front of our eyes? When elected to Congress I want to enact a practical plan that solves the root problems of the homeless crisis, and significantly increases the number of homeless who move on to lead healthy productive lives.”


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