Stop IMPEACHMENT! Defeat Nancy Press Conference

Deanna lorraine

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – DeAnna Lorraine will be officially announcing her congressional campaign against Democrat incumbent and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (CA-12) in San Francisco on Thursday, November 7th. Lorraine, who is running as a Republican, will be holding a press conference on the Goodlett steps of San Francisco City Hall from 12pm until 1:00pm, joined by several guest speakers, to discuss her platform and the issues she will be prioritizing in her congressional campaign. One of the guests is Warren Farrell, one of the “world’s top 100 greatest thought leaders” according to Financial Times and author of the best-selling books The Myth of Male Power and The Boy Crisis. 

Nancy is trying to impeach our duly elected President and usurp the will and votes of millions of American,” Lorraine said. “What Nancy is doing is not only disgraceful and unacceptable, and we need to send a strong message that we Americans will not stand for it.”

Lorraine continued, “Now is the time more than every to show your support in getting Nancy Pelosi out of office and getting a new Congresswoman into office that will fight for our President and his agenda.”

Many know Lorraine as a popular political commentator, YouTube Host, Author and Host of her show Winning The Culture War with DeAnna Lorraine. Her platform aims at strengthening American families, addressing the homeless epidemic, fixing the immigration system, and putting Americans first.

“Nancy Pelosi was elected to Congress when I was a toddler,” Lorraine said. “In the life of any organization and any government, there comes a time to turn the page and pass the torch to a new generation. The problems that Nancy and the do-nothing congress of the last 20 years have left us with are going to need bold, fresh leaders to fix them. I’ve stepped up to the plate and I’m ready for the fight.”

See the full details of DeAnna Lorraine’s ‘Defeat Nancy Pelosi’ Campaign Press Conference and RSVP on the Eventbrite invitation. 

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