Conservative firebrand and Men’s Rights Advocate DeAnna Lorraine officially announces Congressional candidacy to challenge Nancy Pelosi

Deanna lorraine

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Conservative firebrand DeAnna Lorraine will be officially announcing her congressional campaign against Democrat incumbent and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (CA-12) in San Francisco on Thursday, November 7th. Lorraine, who is running as a Republican, will be holding a press conference on the Goodlett steps of San Francisco City Hall from 12pm until 1:00pm, joined by several guest speakers, to discuss her platform and the issues she will be prioritizing in her congressional campaign. One of the guests is the controversial Warren Farrell, an icon in the Men’s and Father’s Rights Movement and author of the best-selling books The Myth of Male Power and The Boy Crisis. 

Deanna lorraine“I wanted to have my friend Warren Farrell speak at the rally because even though I’m running as a Republican, so many of the issues we are dealing with cross political lines and affect all Americans – like rising homelessness, broken families and fatherless homes. Our country is in a crisis of broken families and fatherless homes right now and we need to restore these crucial elements, because strong families create a strong America,” Lorraine posited. 

Other popular figures in the Men’s Rights Movement that may be speaking or in attendance to show support for DeAnna’s causes are Cassie Jay and Paul Cavanaugh, producers of the highly controversial documentary The Red Pill, as well as members of the National Coalition For Men and the MANKind Project.

Many know Lorraine as a popular political commentator, YouTube Host, Author and Host of her show Winning The Culture War with DeAnna Lorraine. As an outspoken advocate for men and critic of modern feminism, she also hosted a Tribute to Men Rally in Washington DC earlier this year. She vows to continue to champion men’s, father’s and family issues that she says have been ignored.  

Lorraine is running in one of the most historically blue districts in America, and sees as her mission of taking the message of family values and the American dream straight to Nancy’s doorstep. Her campaign slogan – “God, Family, Country” – is already considered “brazen” by many progressives and is shaking things up in liberal California. 

“Nancy Pelosi was elected to Congress when I was a toddler,” Lorraine said. “In the life of any organization and any government, there comes a time to turn the page and pass the torch to a new generation. The problems that Nancy and the do-nothing congress of the last 20 years have left us with are going to need bold, fresh leaders to fix them. I’ve stepped up to the plate, I’ve got my gloves off and I’m ready for the fight.”

See the full details of DeAnna Lorraine’s ‘Defeat Nancy Pelosi’ Campaign Press Conference and RSVP on the Eventbrite invitation. 

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