DeAnna Lorraine Launches Clean Up San Francisco Day of Action OCT 7

Deanna lorraine san francisco cleanup

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Deanna Lorraine, conservative activist and Congressional Candidate running in San Francisco against Nancy Pelosi  officially announced today she will be organizing a “Clean Up San Francisco” day of action on Monday, October 7th.

“If Government leadership won’t step up to the plate, the people will have to do it,” she said. “I’m committed to cleaning up the district and organizing a crew of volunteers to help  clean up garbage on the streets, needles, and other garbage, starting at 9:00 in the morning of October 7th.

“San Francisco has seen complaints of human waste on public streets and sidewalks skyrocket by 400% in the last decade — all on Nancy Pelosi’s watch,” DeAnna said. “The same Democrat government that seeks to provide every need for humans has clearly failed to provide the most basic level of cleanliness and decency, and it’s time for the adults to take charge.”

“When President Donald Trump said this week about San Francisco, “They have to clean it up. We can’t have our cities going to hell’, I decided we have to take action,” Lorraine said.

“It’s time to actually roll up our sleeves and do the work in cleaning up San Francisco. Enough talk and political grandstanding, it’s time for action,” said the Pelosi challenger.

“I invite and encourage everyone to come and help make this city better and brighter. We have to start somewhere, and the local leadership sure isn’t doing anything about this crisis.”

“This should be a bi-partisan issue, as every resident in the community should care about this and want to help. We need to show the community and the rest of the country that we care.”

Lorraine hopes that this will encourage local leadership to take greater action on the crisis.

“I want this to be one of many clean-up days to come, and I hope this will encourage other cities to do the same with their own communities.”

Lorraine says she is also looking for local businesses to donate water bottles, food, garbage bags, dumpsters and other materials that will be needed for the clean-up. Due to security reasons, the exact location of the clean-up will not be disclosed until nearer to the 7th, and will be emailed and texted out to everyone who signs up. SEE FORM BELOW VIDEO TO SIGN UP & RECEIVE DETAILS


An author, commentator and YouTube host, Deanna Lorraine is challenging U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in California’s 12th Congressional District. Deanna is running on a pro-family platform aimed at healing the drivers at the core of America’s drug, work force, and immigration problems. 

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