Pro-Men and Family Culture Warrior DeAnna Lorraine Kicks Off Congressional candidacy to challenge Nancy Pelosi

DeAnna Lorraine

San Francisco, CA — Author, political commentator and YouTube host Deanna Lorraine announced her challenge today to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in California’s 12th Congressional District.

“Under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, the Democrat Party has hit rock bottom,” Lorraine opened. “Democrats today are not the Democrats of my parents’ generation. Their radical turn has left the party of John F. Kennedy far behind, and instead has turned to all out communism – and it’s killing the America we know and love.”

“Both Communism and the modern Left require the destruction of men and the nuclear family in order to increase their power,” she said. “We’ve seen this fact play out over the last hundred years, and it’s only gotten worse lately.”

Her platform aims at strengthening American families, fixing the homeless epidemic, getting more Americans into jobs, and putting Americans first.

“I believe strong relationships and strong families create a strong America. Our country is in a crisis of broken families and fatherless homes right now, and we need to restore these crucial elements in order to improve our country’s strength and prosperity,” Lorraine posited.

Many people know Lorraine as a popular YouTube Host, Author and Host of her show Winning The Culture War with DeAnna Lorraine, and spoke at many political events this year. As an outspoken critic of modern feminism, she also hosted a Tribute to Men Rally in Washington DC earlier this year and vows to continue to champion boy’s and father’s issues that she says have been ignored.

Lorraine is running in one of the most historically blue districts in America, and sees as her mission of taking the message of family values and the American dream straight to Nancy’s doorstep. Her campaign slogan – “God, Family, Country” – is already considered “brazen” by many progressives and is shaking things up in liberal California.

“I’ve got my gloves off and ready to fight this war. Old Nancy needs to be put in check.”

Eschewing political correctness, Lorraine’s campaign will also focus on some highly controversial issues, such as the impact of fatherlessness and the family court system, No-Fault Divorce laws, and introducing a 50/50 Shared Custody Presumption, so children can have stronger relationships with both parents.

“It shouldn’t come as any surprise that nearly all the mass shooters have been boys who grew up without fathers in the home – we need to have some honest public conversations about what’s happening with our boys and what the solutions are.

 In direct contrast to Nancy Pelosi’s “Gender Equality Act” and at a time when “Drag Queen Story Hour” is being rapidly pushed to local schools and libraries, DeAnna’s more Conservative views on gender and sex could well provoke protests in the far-left 12th district.

“Morals, gender and sexuality should be taught by loving parents in the home, not by Planned Parenthood and radical teachers at schools,” DeAnna says while discussing her “Protect America’s Children Act” she plans to introduce. This Act would include reducing “inappropriate” sexuality, abortion and gender curriculum from schools and allowing parents to opt their children in or out of questionable course material.

“We need to get past all the “trigger words” and break the shackles of political correctness if we’re really going to fix the real problems of America.  Many of the problems I aim to fix are truly bi-partian issues that really affect all Americans, that my generation needs to step up to the task of fixing them together for the greater good of the country and our next generation.”

DeAnna also vows to fiercely defend both free speech and Religious Liberty, and demands an end to what she says is a “dangerously growing bias and censorship on social media platforms.”

One of her solutions is to push for the break up Silicon Valley’s big tech monopolies at Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter and Apple. “We have to acknowledge that social Media platforms are the new public square, and we must be able to speak freely without being thought-policed. We may not always love what someone has to say, but they have the God-given inalienable right to say it. That is America. That is what makes America exceptional.”

Although as a millennial who’s never officially held public office before, she is confident she could do a job better than Nancy and her other old establishment cronies. “I’m not a “seasoned politician” who’s been sitting in a gate-guarded mansion the last 30 years, totally out of touch. But I AM a very passionate and concerned American, who’s been right here in the trenches with everyone and dealing with mess we’ve been left with first-hand. And I care so damn much about the future of this country that I will not sit by and watch it go down in flames. This is a time where ordinary Americans should do bold and extraordinary things to save the American dream.”

Grab your popcorn. This should surely be an exciting campaign to follow.

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